Next Event - February 13th

Silverdale Hotel - 7.30 for 8.00 pm

The music starts at 8 pm please arrive in good time to find seats

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Close Quarters

Steve and Sandra Harrison need no introduction to our regular audience.

Their terrific range of songs from folk, music hall and gospel, sung with beautiful harmonies have entertained us at the Silverdale for several sessions.

Folk at the Silverdale

Folk at the Silverdale is a once-a-month event in Silverdale, Lancs, where you can hear good live music and an occasional reading. Each month we have guest performers, who are supported by the resident band - The Limestone Pavement Artists - and floor singers from the audience. 

We are now looking forward to our 18th season. The evenings are divided into three 'halves' with the guests finishing each section, with a break between each to keep the Landlord happy and throats well lubricated for joining in the choruses.. Audiences come from a wide area, and, though most are fairly local, we attract people from Kendal, North Yorkshire, even Barrow-in-Furness.

Entry is £5 per person to cover guest expenses and you will find us in the lounge - on your right as you enter the hotel. There is a bar that is open before the start and in the breaks between the three 'halves' of the evening. Come early to get a seat. Cheers!