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Silverdale Hotel - 7.30 for 8.00 pm

The music starts at 8 pm please arrive in good time to find seats

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George Critchley & Phil Batty

George and Phil

George & Phil’s debut performances were at Sidmouth Folk Festival back in 1980, where they were booked to dance with Preston Royal Morris Dancers.

They found a certain affinity and empathy with each other in their taste for songs music and performance from which has evolved the unique sound they deliver today.

After returning home from Sidmouth they were asked to run a folk club at Barton Grange Hotel and to find themselves a name :- “Foxes Lair” was born. They started doing gigs and touring amongst the Morris fraternity, then doing festivals countrywide and became a successful folk duo in many parts of the country.

The passage of time and fate brought about a break in their performances as Phil started to travel worldwide and George got together with Rob Malaney and Nick Caffrey to form “Th’Antique Roadshow”. In-between Phil’s travels George & Phil would still gig together and on occasions team up with Martin Ellison on melodeon, going out as “Acoustic Reps”

When Phil returned from his travels he decided to pursue music to a higher level and acquired a first class honours degree in it. Stemming from his studies he met with Sorrel and they formed their own band “Streetworthy” which has become highly successful both in Britain and New Zealand, not to mention the odd European tour.

In spite of all which has gone before both George & Phil still enjoy making music together in their own inimitable way - so sit back and enjoy!

'Bits and Pieces' - What is it?

'Bits and Pieces' is a once-a-month event in Silverdale, Lancs, where you can hear good live music and an occasional readings. Each month we have guest artists, who are supported by the resident band - The Limestone Pavement Artists - and performers selected from the audience. 

We are now looking forward to our 17th season. The atmosphere is informal and the dominant musical form is folksong. The evenings are divided into three 'halves' with the guest artists finishing each section, so variety is assured. Audiences number around forty, who come from a wide area, and, though most are fairly local, we attract people from Kendal, North Yorkshire, even Barrow-in-Furness.

Entry is £5 per person to cover expenses and you will find us in the lounge - on your right as you enter the hotel. There is a bar that is open before the start and in the breaks between the three 'halves' of the evening. Cheers!

'Apples in Winter' at Bits & Pieces - February 2017

A great night - the marmite song was to everybody's taste!